De Laurentiis Call Higuain Fat

De Laurentiis Call Higuain Fat
Brother of Gonzalo Higuain as well as his agent, claiming President Aurelio De Laurentiis called his former player with the title ‘fat’ Merawat Rambut Rontok.

Nicolas Higuain speaks to media ahead of the litigation to be held on July 12, on the case of a payment claim of 2.5 million euros from De Laurentiis.

“We’re not talking about football, it’s more serious,” he told the media.

“We’re discussing a professional who has a fantastic contract, and his former boss, President De Laurentiis, who should not accept that.

“My father has been wrestling with football for 45 years, I am 25 years old. We never filed complaints or felt such a situation.

“We put in the court because De Laurentiis disappeared. He has not picked up my phone since last summer.

“I contacted him several times to solve the problems us, but the best response I received was from Chiavelli, who told me De Laurentiis did not want to be disturbed.

“When we signed the contract with Napoli, he made a lot of promises. I advise my agent to take their players to Naples to write everything down and present lawyers when they meet with De Laurentiis.

“We blindly made the right decision: Juventus belongs to the world’s top soccer team. But the most excited about this is De Laurentiis, who pocketed 90 million euros.

“He dramatized many things, he bought young players and only to sell them. Ounas? I advised him about a year and a half ago.

“The good thing for Napoli is that they have two phenomenal figures like Giuntoli and Sarri, which he critics, just like he did in Madrid.

“Agnelli? Our relationship is better. Andrea has a different style, she and De Laurentiis like water and vinegar.

“After the Champions League final, Dai cheered the players. Aurelio can not talk about the Champions League, he has never made a final decision.

“Will Higuain close his career in Juve? That’s quite a congruous possibility.

“He is happy in Turin, he really loves his club, the city and the ranks of champions can quickly raise his position.

“We must be grateful to Agnelli, Marotta and Paratici who have worked so hard to this extent.”

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