Carragher Confused Liverpool Boyong Chamberlain

Carragher Confused Liverpool Boyong Chamberlain

Liverpool football legend Jamie Carragher teah said he was surprised by his former club’s decision to bring Alex Oxlade Chamberlain from Arsenal for a long time.

Earlier, the 24-year-old reportedly rejected Chelsea’s £ 35m bid. However, when getting an offer from The Reds 40 million Pounds the player accepts it. Even the guarantees given to play in the line tangah become the main factor of his choice to join to Anfield this summer.

But it is confusing the legend of the Merseyside club has five qualified midfielders like Jordan Henderson, Emre Can, Georginio Wijnaldum, Adam Lallana and Philippe Coutinho.

Although not sure Chambo will play regularly fully in midfield but Jamie believes Jurgen Klopp will provide a new role for the players as did James Milner who played his original position in the middle but in the play as a left back.

Interestingly it was fruitful where Liverpool successfully dispatched last season ranked fourth in the standings in the Premier League.

“He’s talking a lot about wanting to play in midfield, so it’s interesting to see how he will play because Liverpool have five or six really great midfielders,” Jamie Carragher told the media.

“I’m not sure whether Oxlade Chamberlain will be in midfield if all three players will be perfectly fit.

“You still have Coutinho and Lallana to return as a good performer at the weekend. So it remains to be seen how that one will work.

“He is a good player for this squad, but in midfield I will still be raking my head.

“But with Jurgen Klopp who bought it with only 12 months left in his contract, there must be a plan in place where he will play and raise himself.

“I’m interested to see how that one works.”

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