De Rossi hit by two-match sanctions

De Rossi hit by two-match sanctions

Red card obtained by Daniele De Rossi while playing at Genoa last weekend seems to be a long tails

The veteran midfielder has to step aside from AS Roma’s squad in two Italian league matches, and losing the Giallorossi captain’s form is one of the team’s severe blows to sit in the top four.

Previously, De Rossi was given a red card when he was caught beating Gianluca Lapadula, after both were involved in the race for the ball, and the result also makes the opposing team managed to equalize and end the game1-1 until the long whistle sounded.

And the competition authority of the League of Itlaia finally decided to punish the captain of the ban on playing in two games, he was also charged with doing unsportsmanlike sportsmanship.

This means that players who have just decided to retire from the Italian national team will be absent when his team play against SPAL and Chievo.